Basketball And Recovery

Im trying to figure out exactly how to setup my workout for basketball: I have to get in my weights, ball handling and shooting( both which is pretty high intensity at about an hour each and is alot of running to get in game condition), and my running work

Ive been setting up my schedule something like this

Monday Morning- ball handling and shooting
monday night- sprint training and weights

Tuesday Morning- ball handling and shooting work
tuesday night- light shooting around

Wednesday & Friday- same as monday

thursday & Saturday- same as tuesday

Sunday- Off

is this to much, i really want to get stronger and quicker, but at the same time need to continue to improve and work on my ball handling and shooting just about everyday… any tips would be appreciated

I think it may be a good idea to get away from basketball specific conditioning for at least a few months in the off-season. You can still keep up your fitness via tempo/circuits/etc. and do ball handling and shooting, but by switching the focus, you may be able to get more gains in the long run. Look up anything you can find from Al Vermeil.

I agree with Davan, I wouldn’t start working on conditioning until pre-season or pre-pre-season. Just starting pre-pre-season you will probably be ahead of everyone anyways.

As for offseason training… I assume your “ball handling and shooting” morning workouts are pretty easy intensity. So overall your split looks good as it is Hi/Low split in intensity. This is basically what I do.

I also warmup for my HI sessions with easy bball dribbling up and down and FTs until I hit 10 in a row. Then I’ll do some agility drills, moves with a ball, dunks, followed by jump shots trying to get alot of lift. Every rep will have at least 2-3 minutes rest between them so they can be good quality. In between reps I’ll do more shooting or dribbling. I always end a session with 10 FTs in a row. After this I will hit the weights.

If I do sprints at the track, I’ll usually do about 100-150 yards total, a few double leg plyos maybe, then hit the gym and do bball stuff but lower volume than a day without sprints. then its the weights again.

To be honest, my biggest problem is getting sucked into playing fullcourt for hours even on high intensity days when I shouldn’t. This drains me and I feel real flat my next session. SO WATCH OUT. they try to make you feel guilty that you’re the one preventing them from playing 5 on 5. TURN AROUND AND WALK THE OTHER WAY.

I hope this helps. If you need more specific help, list some #s like age, height, weight, level of play, squat, bench, standing VJ, etc.

cool, thanks for the help

YES, I cannot turn down any competition either.

Oh man, if i had a dime for everytime i’ve played when i know i shouldn’t!

The consequence? Can we say ACL injury!?

so everytime i do high intensity weights, i ought to be doing high intensity basketball work on same day right?

Correct. This makes sure you are adhering to a Hi/Low split in terms of CNS stress.

Your set up looks something like mine. Only thing is that don’t worry bout conditioning until you have increased or you are atleast pleased with your speed and explosiveness. The time/energy you are putting into conditioning can be spent getting stronger, faster and more explosive.

And how does your strength training set up look?