Balance in sprinting

Heard this at a workshop the other day:

(Speaking on the topic of balance and the fact that we only run on one leg at a time.)

“The fastest sprinters are able to lose balance slower and regain balance quicker then slower sprinters during fast running.” “That’s what makes them fast.” “So if you want to get faster, improve your balance.”

That’s verbatim.

Holy Schnikes!! How about a reference to slow and fast balance activities and the carryover. Yeah, I’d love to see the guy who holds the world record in standing on one leg with his eyes closed on a rowboat and I’m sure that we’ll find out that he’s a sub-10 100-meter guy. And all this time we thought training fast would make you faster. I guess we can abandon the whole message board and we’ll expect to see lots of world records over the next year.

Dude, that balance guy would be pretty burly… I wouldn’t underestimate him.