Bad weather

Hello Charlie, I am schedule to open up my outdoor season this weekend but the weather is not looking good, I am curious how you would handle the training for this week? The meet is on Saturday I am hoping I know something by Thursday so I can schedule another speed workout if the meet is cancel.

Just bundle up and prepare as if you do have a meet and if it’s cancelled- replace it with SE on that day

If the meet is not cancel I will run no matter how cold the weather is. If the meet is cancel I may perform the 4x4x60 workout similar to what I did last week.

Since I am coming off a hamstring injury would you recommend to run in the 100 and 200 in this meet OR focus on the 200?

If it’s cold, 200m only to start. Dont worry about the time.

I was thinking the same, weather suppose to be low 35 - high 44. Would you extend out to 400m?

if it’s too cold for the 200, I’d try to skip the meet and work out instead.

Charlie, I’m curious how you would handle this situation:

Week 6: Race on Sat

Week 7: Race on Wed and Sat.

Mon: about 180-200m of speed work (30-60m).
Tue: tempo or rest
Wed: race
Thur: tempo
Fri: rest
Sat: race

Would you run the 100/200 in both meets?

I’d prob go 100 on Wed and both on Sat. What exactly do you plan for Mon?

Leaning towards:

4x30 3pt
1x70-80 sub max

8x100 or REST

Wed: 100


Fri: rest

Sat: 100/200


Bump for Charlie…

That set-up is fine

Thank you. I’m curious what factors are you looking at to determine if I should open with the 200 or 100? Is it just weather or the hamstring injury, as you know I am up north and will not have 70-80 degrees until June.

Hello Charlie, I have a small meet this Friday it’s a final only race and the weather suppose to be mid 60’s. My training loads are still high and I am wondering would it be good idea to rest on Wednesday and perform a neural session (3x starts) on Thursday or perform tempo on Wednesday and rest on Thursday since the training volume is high? I am leaning towards resting since the overall volume is high…

Training week:
Sun: starts and sub max 150’s
Mon: Tempo
Tue: starts etc
Wed: tempo or rest
Thur: neural or rest
Fri: 100/200


I’d lean towards the second option- rest but I’d do a warm-up in the AM of the Fri race day. Thsi will get the blood going and make it a lot easier to warm up for the real thing in the afternoon. This is usually a good plan whenever you don’t have heats. You can do the warm up either in the house with limited sets of push-ups, sit-ups etc or just outside. Don’t bother going to the track or anything major like that!

Will do! Once again Thanks!