bad ankle sprain

I sprained my ankle badly in a football game on Thursday. I’ve been icing and elevating it for the past three days. The swelling has gone down a little, but not fully. Should I continue icing it, or move on to heat or something else?

Well do you guys have a trainer or someone at your school? Normally they can assess how bad it is and treat you for it. Without proper treatment it may take much longer for your ankle to heal.

I remeber once, i totally destoryed, blasted my ankle. I did it when i was playing basketball, i went up for the lay up and scored a basket. But when i came down, i came down on the side of my foot. Plus i was wearing, Rockport boots and it was in the school playground.

My ankle was huge, massive. I had to take my Rockport boot off and walk home, i did try and carryon playing basketball. But the injury i sustaned was to bad.

In about five days, i was back at athletics, but my ankle was stiff and abit swelled. Soon after that, my other ankle suffered the same process. The first time i sprained my ankle, i never got it checked out. I just bathed it in salt water, in a foot spar. You should get one, if you have the money.

Ever since then, my ankles are very loose. I think it is harder for me to sprain them now, becuase when i go over on them. I don’t feel shit, no pain.

I think i have improved my flexbilty in my anlkes, by fucking my ligaments or is it tendons up.


warm salt water.