hey is it normal if like ok today my middle back was a bit sore then i went and palyed in an air coniditoned gym and got real sweatty and then with the air hitting me at the same time, u think thats why my back is kind of in pain now, before i went to play in the air conditioned gym my back wasnt in pain, only a bit sore

Your writing is really hard to read and understand, at least for someone whose native language is not english. It would help a lot if you used punctuation and capital letters in their correct places. How old are you? And how long have you been working out?

It might be a mixture of both and it might just be the soreness of training. I’d advise you to be careful and wait for a couple of days with no stress on it and then see if things are better of not. Usually soreness will go in a couple of days while a cold in that area will take a bit longer.

well im guessing its a cold in my back area because it doesnt feel like soreness when i try flexing it. i worked out saturday and now its monday and my shoulders arent sore anymore so im guessing that i got hit with cold air conditioning on my back…any of u get this before?

and to answer the other question im 15 years old and have been working out the right way seriously for about 6 months

oh i think i know what the problem is, i did seated military press for the first time and i used no weight(just 45 pound barbell) but still i think thats what aggrevated my back because ive heard if u do it seated it puts more tension on my back so i think thats the cause

what yall think

i mean ive never had this from a shoulder workout but then saturday when i did military press added on to my workout the next day my back was like that after i played ball and got real sweatty and air condition hit me and my sweat dried up on me. it had never happened from a shoulder workout where my back starts to hurt.


like everytime i flex my back i feel some pains. ive never had this before i did the workout saturday with the military press from a shoulder workout!! i mean i arch my back realllly well on every shoulder execise. arched as can be

Its probably nothing too serious. It seems like you are worrying whenever you feel a pain in your body. It could be just adapting to what you are doing, a little ache which is normal, or muscle soreness. Check back in a couple days and see how it feels. Don’t stress too much about it man…

Don’t worry if it’s just muscle soreness, but if it’s something else then worry. If it continues regardless of doing the exercise regularly (i.e. at least once every week for a few weeks in a row) then there is something wrong with your technique or your upper back is just so stuck in flexion that it cannot straighten to the correct position for the military press. You are so young that it’s wise not to force anything or ignore the pain if you want to stay healthy.