Back to play college football at 24

I am 24 years old and I am on my way back to play college football for Valdosta State University. I would like to improve on my speed and agility but would also become more familiar with olympic lifting and what days to use them. I would also like to improve vertical jump and recovery time. Knowing what to eat wouldn’t hurt either. I attended Cris Carters FAST program in Boca Raton, FL and learned some great stuff but i worked with a trainer and had top of the line equipment to work with as well, I would like to know how to do these type of things in a regular gym or on a track. Need help!

If you have Charlie Francis ebook and Forum review you can take some stuff from there and tailor it for your needs. Once you get your football program together post it on here and we will critique it for you. If you dont have his book, You should be doing Squats, Cleans, Benches with low reps no more than 75%max and concentrating on performing the reps with speed and good form in the weight room. On the track you need to do tempo (aerobic) work (Ex. run goal line to goal line in 15-17sec and rest 30-45 sec do about 15 of these) and Max speed runs 10-15 40 yard runs all out with complete recovery between reps. Make sure you add in your position drills in to the mix as well. Dont get caught up in all the hype of plyometrics and overspeed. Do the plyos if you see improvments and stay away from over speed.

I’m assuming this is a typo. Squat, clean and bench should (depending on where you are in your training cycle) OVER 75% and up to 100%. Doing the reps with explosive speed and good form is excellent advice.

I for got the last part… up to 90% (for me any way) But 100% works too.

Damn i was also thinking of playing ball again. Im 25 i graduated from florida a and m and ran track for 2 years. I still have eligability left over. I am going to get another degree from fl state. I think i might hit the field one more time.

Go for it.