Back Strength

I know there was a thread on this somewhere but I can’t find it. Anyway, is there a need to perform strengthening exercises (other than oly lifts and quat) for the back - really just for the spine as opposed to the shoulder girdle?

Ok, so does everyone just rely on squats and oly lifts for back strength?

I like dumbbell rows and pulldowns myself.

definitely RR and pulldowns, or reverse crunches. squats, etc. alone did not end up giving me significant strength gain in my back at all.

Seated cable rows and T-bar rows (machine not bar).

how many reps do you typically have your athletes do of both those exersises and how to you work them into the weight program?

The athlete on my site does 6…my HS athletes don’t they do pullups or lat pull downs…cheap weight room.

Along with Cable Row, T-Bar, Lat Pull, etc, I do like Bent Over Row as well as reversing the grip from time to time.

I also liek dumbell rows. I feel they can be very effective if done properly with good form.

What about hypers and reverse hypers?

I just started doing hypers and reverse hypers. They really work the lower back well, but how often are you suppose to do them? I typically do them at the end of a workout day and do 2x12 hypers and 2x12 reverse hypers.

Sounds good.

Where do you do your RevHypers - on a purpose made machine?

I dont have access to such a station- is there any way I can get them in without a purpose built unit?


I actually use a glute/ham raise thing backwards. I just grab on to where you usually put your feet and let my lower body hang down the other side. I’m not very good at explaining it.

I like the hypers, bent over barbell rows and pull ups. I have to do my pullups with 25-35 pounds attatched, to really feel them. I also like the way deadlifts hit my lower back also.

You can do them over a box-horse but you need a partner to hold you.

Shhhh don’t tell CT… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m experimenting with isometric hypers:

Am upto 45k for 15s x4

Intuitively it would seem very specific since sprinting requires the hips to apply force at full extension and the spine to be extended and held isometrically?