back spasms

I slipped on a wet and slanted driveway yesterday (didn’t fall) but hurt my back a little between the shoulder blades (pain is concentrated on the right side of my spine but to the left of my right scapula) It feels muscular and not like a disc

I was up all night with back spasms and was wondering what you think I should do?

I bought some Robaxacet and the spasm is down to a dull twinge and I am able to sit at my desk at work.

Anyone use Robaxacet? Is there a better alternative? What icing intervals should I follow?

Its funny I can deadlift 425 RAW at 196 pounds BW with no problems ever and I hurt my back slipping and catching myself on wet pavement. :frowning:


Every now and then I’ll develop a hot spot in the area you describe. I figure it’s an adhesion coming loose or a spasm from all the times I’d been booted, raked, and kicked during rucking and mauling during my rugby career. Having my wife massage the spot hard (or rolling on a ball) is what helps me.

Thanks for your reponse :slight_smile:

THere is no way I’d be able to roll on a ball. Every time I turn it tries to spasm. It is starting to piss me off. I can’t ice it at work but I have been doing contrast showers in the morning on it trying to loosen it up. It is very localized as well. If it is bothering me by the end of the week I am going to the doc to see what can be done.


ps- When could I start getting massage on it?


Massage will help the most. Or you can try rolling on a foam roller from waist to neck. The roller should be perpendicular to the spine. If a foam roller is not available try a 18"-24’" x 4" piece of PVC covered with a heavy towel.