back related to hammstring injuries

for quite a while i have had pain in my lower right back about a inch to the right of my spinal cord. it bothered me quite a bit for about 6 months my spohmore year then went away. then last yea (jr year) i had a second deg strain in my hammy and I.T. band running the 4x1( i am nomarly a hurdler.we think it was because i was tight from doing the high jump 2 days before.well after about 5 weeks i thought it healed and i retired for the season, about 4 months later i was practicing and my hammy kind of pulled and when this happens its in the part right where your hammstring connects to your butt but my whole hammstring would be sore and weak. it takes about a week or two to heal and then im fine. this has happen about 4 times in the past 2 months and the last two month my lower back pain is flaring up again.i was wondering what can i do about it and is my back hurting becuase my hammy is tight or vice versa.

I’m sure you’re gonna get bigger and better ideas than I give you, but I’ll give you what I can think of. I am actually familiar with hamstring pulls unfortunately, and I have also had a back injury. Not simultaneously however.

Firstly, it seems that from the frequency of the injury in the timespan you mentioned (4 times in 2 months), you’re not giving it long enough to recover. It needs to be rested for longer than it takes to ‘feel fine’ in my experience. You houldn’t be training full out a week after a hamstring injury no matter how it feels I don’t think. I think you need at least 10 days, no matter how minor it is.

Secondly are you icing it. I have found that to help a lot. I’m not entirely sure what the physiological response is to ice, and what it does. I know in the early stages it prevents swelling around the area, but after tha, I don’t know. Someone might like to fill me in on that.

Hope this helps to get you started.

I would suggest reading the thread on micro-stretching on this forum and the older forum. You may have some scar tissue in their causing some problems. Also, do you have access to stem (EMS)? Maris brings up some good points. You need to make sure you are recovering long enough and using the correct techniques: Ice, stem, massage, etc.

I would suggest having someone look at it. Do you know of a massage therapist, sport physician, physiotherapist , or chiropractor (in no particular order) who is good with athletes?

There is a lot of knowledge on this forum, but it´s tough to beat a hands-on assessment.

If you don´t know of anyone, ask around, and maybe post your location here. Someone on the forum may have a good tip as to who to see or check out.

can you purchase an EMS machine? they used to give us small ones to use when i was in college but i don’t know if they are outrageously priced.

Go an see an osteopath regarding your back. Your hammy troubles may be stemming from your lower back problem.

Stretching also helped me, especially focusing on the quads and hip flexors.


good advice guys! i would echo carson’s thoughts and try the microstretching routine. i started a thread on it in the recovery section, look it over see what you think but if you decide to try it, give it an honest run. do it to the letter for 2 weeks and see what happens.

I had similar symptoms that you have described and had problems for 12 months until i discovered a great Osteopath in my area . My right hips gets tight and pulls up and back (anteriorally tilited i guess) and then places extra strain on my right hamstring. I see the Osteo every 6 weeks during my off season and 4 weeks during comp and my hammy hasn’t pulled since.

Also its best to address all the issues that may be a factor also like rehab methods, flexibility, strength, warm up and core strength.

the past week i have been doing the strech where i pull my knees to my chest more and my back pain has gone away and my hammy is feel alot better

I have nearly always found that there is a relation between hamstring flexibility and back pain…both with me and my clients.



Check out:



save up as much $$$ as you can and go see the best therapist as you can afford. In the long run it will save you in terms of money & recovery.

Maybe someone like Clemson or Flash could advise on a quality therapist in your area. Don’t waste your money & time on quacks.