back injury

about two weeks ago i was doing squats,and i accidently bent over too much when going down,so instead of dropping like i should i have and went back up and tried to straighten up my back,resulting in my lower back popping(i think).it hurt so bad my face was whole right side was jacked(right hip,groin,lower right back).since then i’ve been lifting wiehgts and doing squats and everything just fine but my lower back,especially the right side, is very tight causing me not be able to stretch good.that and i work at ups which doesnt help last indoor meet is coming up this weekend and i will not have another meet in two months,so should i rest and wait it out and see if my back heals up or should i go to the doctor?

go to some kind of therapist- doesn’t have to be a medical doctor, but SOMEONE who can at least rule out some kind of more serious injury and stretch you out a bit. if one thing is tight, other things will tighten up or be thrown out of whack to compensate, and then you have a bigger problem… you would not want to wake up in a few weeks with neck pain or hamstring tightness or whatever else… my two cents.