Back in training after 5 years

I´m returning to sprint training after almost 5 years. My previous PB was 10.78 FAT. In these 5 years I have lost 15 kg of muscles, and gained a bit fat. My power/strength declined rapidly too. In my previous preparation 1998-2000 my power training was based on BB methods (now I know it´s a mistake) and on track I only seldom ran anything longer than 50m. Now I realized that it was mainly acceleration training. My best bench was 118kg and full squat 155 kg. Now I want to start again and do the best possible. Dates of meets are September 3rd and 17th 2005. This will be the first test. Then I want to start with classical triple periodization. My question is: how should I design my training from now to September? I assume there isn´t time enough for preparation for competitions in May/June. Is it worth sprinting without power/strength? Will I be able to tax CNS in this situation? Should I only lift first? In addition to this, my present job is very CNS demanding and this will continue till march or april.

Thank You very much and I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and lot of successes to You and to all members of this greatest forum.

Why don’t you think 5,6 months is enough time to prepare for a meet?!

What do you mean by ‘sprinting without power/strength’?

I’m a little confused, you’re asking if you’ll be able to tax you CNS enough but then you say you have a very CNS demanding job!

Always keep the sprinting in, if possible, and take out the weights.

I think in job (usually) your CNS output is not limited by current level of power.

‘sprinting without power/strength’: I believe there´s some level of power development (not same for everybody, depends on many variables), which is minimal requirement for speed improvement. If you are below this line, you are not much improving. I´m not sure if this apply to absolute beginners. But I´m not claiming that this idea holds everytime and everywhere.

I think your GPP phase should consist of accumulation (extensification) of weight training and tempo to regain lost muscle & stregnth, and to lose fat. You can also include a base of acceleration training. Adding Med ball circuits and light plyos could of course aid in development of power/conditioning.

Yeah i would suggest u work on a GOOD base before moving on to doing anything specific to the event. u need to gain muscle and u need to lose the fat. aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, tempo, weights, circuit training, med ball circuits, rope jumpiing, swimming. All that conditioning if set out properly should put u in good shape by march the latest and then you can start targeting the different phases of the 100m race. and dont forget, DIET is going to play the most important role in trying to accomplish your targets, so monitor it carefully

I attempted the same thing you are thinking of. Retired for 7 years and tried to come back at it.

I started with a lot of heavy CNS work and it ended up not working so well.

(Ran LOW 11’s FAT previously when I competed and only managed to run 12.0 FAT after training for several months)

I hurt my hamstring in the process.

If I were starting again I’d buy Charlies DVD for the GPP (It wasn’t out when I started) and do a LOT of base training/accumulation work with GPP style workouts: hills, circuits, tempo, intervals, light plyos

I also have a CNS intensive job (12-13 hours a day including commuting and I only get about 6 hours sleep a night)

Best of luck, start slow, we dont recover as well anymore haha!


Thanks for wishes Chris,

What do You think was the main reason of ending up not working so well? Do You think You were CNS overtrained? If so, would well done GPP help before this occured? I think GPP helps to improve peripheral muscles and whole body´s abilities so then You can do special training on higher level and hit CNS better. Correct me if I´m wrong. I´m still thinking about one thing: when I started sprint training for the first time 6 and a half year ago, I was 10kg heavier than I´m now. I´m confused if it isn´t better to regain lost muscles first and then start sprinting? I´ll appreciate every opinion.

Yes I did to much CNS intensive work (both weights and sprinting)

Do an excellent GPP/SPP phase. I would look at extending both of these phases to about 20 weeks total.

It’ll take a while to get really fit again. I also found weights and sprints on the same day was tough.

We have much more to gain through general fitness improvements at this stage than really sprint specific speedwork. (max V training, spec End 1 and 2)

Dont worry specifically about gaining back a certain % or amount of muscle mass. Follow a good program and eat properly and the weight will work itself out naturally.

If you can try to get a baseline in the 100m and see how far gone you are :slight_smile: Be careful not to hurt yourself though!


Thanks to everybody. I´ll really appreciate all your future posts to this thread about your experiences with this situation and your thoughts about opinions posted above (incl. those of mine). I want to study everything about sprinting before I will start again.