Back Extensions & Reverse Hypers

is there room in the program so do both back extensions & reverse hypers???

we are moving into strength phase 2 block right now with weights 2-3 days a week on mon/thur/sat after speed sessions if no comp on sat.

i have reduced the number of exercises down to 4 in each session with sets as 3 x 6 or as a 6,5,4 progression.

Yes if you are lifting 3x per week I would do GHR on 1 day, Back Ext. on day 2 and reverse hypers on day 3. Each session should have a posterior chain exercise. RDL’s are one of my favorites as well. If you are lifting 2x per week and want to do the 2 exercises you mentioned do one on each of the days. You can even add another oen with the back extensions since I would classify the back extensions as a low-medium intensity exercise as logn as you are not using crazy weight.

Do you think that this might be a bit much on the posterior chain.

It’s just a taught, especially hitting the spinal errectors that much, I know Charlie would have you with spinal errectors like an oil tankers rope. So perhapse this 3 times a week would do nicely then.

Whatta ya say

If the intensity is low I think you can do them everyday. I use them as part of my general gymnastics work. I’m not sure if Charlie uses them in a high intensity manner… I assumed from his videos that he doesn’t.

I agree with you on the videos, almost all of his ab/spinal errector work is high reps.

I have never worked with gymnasts, but if its good for you then why chnge.

I do think they are important, and should be worked on a weekly basis.

I’ll give it a shot with some of my athletes and see how it goes