Athletic massage

I was reading “Speed Trap” and Charlie stresses the importance of using message for evaluating an athlete’s muscle tone. I would like to know where I can get more information on techniques and how to apply this type of therapy. Searching through the web I have found a number of different schools that offer certification classes. I could be wrong, but I am not sure that I need to go to that extreme. I don’t want to be a practicing massage therapist I just would like to learn enough to put it to practical use in determining an athlete’s condition.

Look through Amazon or one of the bigger book stores and find a good introductory book on basic Swedish massage, and maybe shiatsu.

Actually, one of the nicest ways to learn the basics of massage is get a massage on a regular basis. It’s amazing what you can learn from the receiving end. Provided of course that you don’t fall asleep, which amazingly has never happened to me.

Why are you holding on for dear life? What kind of massage work are you receiving?

I’m doubful about the effectiveness of aggressive or painful soft tissue work as an effective way to manage the tissue texture. Elitis has pointed out some of the negative reactions within the neuromuscular system that can result from painful therapy. I’ve had aggressive massage before, and I think it did more harm than good. The most effective massage I’ve had has been relatively gentle and coaxed the tissue into relaxing, rather than forcing it. Even the ART treatments I’ve received have not been painful.

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I went to the CSMTA web site ( and I figure it would be a good idea to look into getting the book they use as their text “Essentials of Athletic Training” by Daniel D. Arnheim. There are a number of other books that look like they might be good: “The Complete Guide to Sports Massage” by Tim Paine, “The Healing Art of Sports Massage” by Joan Johnson, “Understanding Sports Massage” by Patricia J. Benjamin and Scott P. Lamp, and “Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy” by Mel Cash. Has anyone read these or have any specific recommendations.

You don’t evaluate and feel tissue texture with your elbows! (though there may be a place for some of this type of work, it can’t be exclusive.

Using the elbow to evaluate tissue texture is like using a sledgehammer to squash a fly! Right Charlie?

What Brands? Where do I get some? I am in BC Canada.