Assessment of Strength Deficit

I recently read the following article from Alwyn Cosgrove:

Alwyn proposed following test to determine strength deficit:

  1. Test for 1 RM in particular exercise
  2. Rest for 2mins and increase the load by 10%
  3. Lower the weight (eccentrics) by controled tempo of 4 secs. You assistance should lift the weight up to the rack.
  4. Repeat step 2 if step 3 is succesfull

The goal is to see how much you can lower by controlled tempo of 4 secs. If this load is over 30% then you should pursuit more max strength work (1-3RM). If the difference is lower than 30% you should pursuit more functional hypertrophy work (5-8RM) to increase strength deficit.
The test is pretty simple and informative, but I would love that someone post its validity and reliability and maybe some study of correlation of this test with, maybe, twitch superimposition test etc. Thanks in advance!

I did a seminar with Charles Poliquin and for eccentrics the tempo should be 8 seconds, this rep should be performed smoothly. if the speed of the bar reaches 5 seconds then no further reps should be attempted as the speed would be to fast and the risk of injury would incrase.

This is safer as the weight in eccentric contractions could be up to 140% of max.

you would need a strong assistant to catch and control this weight in less than 4 seconds.

I like the idea of the correlation of the results to the lifters capibilities, but I do question it’s validity to athletic ability.

I dont know what the “twitch superimposition test” is. But there is a test for fiber type in the flexor and extensor chain using results from the scot curl and the close grip bench press