Asprin for Recovery?

Is a small to moderate dose of asprin once or twice a week a decent way to keep soreness down?

I’ve done a lot of research on NSAIDS. I know not to take them before my workouts so as to buffer the good ol’ telltale sign PAIN during my workouts, and a lot of other do’s and don’ts. Pretty much as far as I understand them Asprin is one of the most reliable and harmless of the bunch. That is if it is taken in dosages that do not excede 2000mg per 48 hours on a regular basis, in which case stomach ulcers and a host of other nasty problems become prevalent. So a 300-750mg dosage maybe once a week (twice if I twist my ankle or bonk my knee) after a workout that really just makes my ache all over is pretty much going to do me more help than harm, no?

I think you are right on this…


I don’t know about aspirin but NSAIDS reduce the effectiveness of the body’s immune system which can’t be a good thing. I’d only use them if I was in severe pain.