Asafa Powell 9.72s!!!!

just got the news, dont see a video yet tho…

Wow, he was right, give him one race and look out. :wink:

Wind was legal apparently, 0.6 or something like that.

I just checked the iaaf site it said +0.2 wind, I think he much prefers his new underdog status…

ya 0.2m wind

Is it race 18 again??

Here it was said that yes:


i’d guess that he split around 6.27-6.29 at 60m for this run. I can’t see it being in the 6.3 range and him running 9.72. Seeing as Bolt was 6.32 and 9.72 and seemingly appears to be a slightly stronger finisher than powell, based on build, limb length, and non-specific race strength.

longer version

Can we get the 10m splits on this?

oh boy…i totally predicted that on here…

nothing wrong with his condition…mentally he needs a lot of work…

thank you. that side on go cam view is sick:eek:

this video is the first i’ve seen of a side on go cam view of powell at real speed in a long time. Last one i seen were of london04sgp 9.91. These ones are at

LOL look at dix on the side view cam… whats his frequency ? 50 strides per second ? hes like Sonic

This is really cool, where can I find more sideview races ? You can learn alot more from it.

Big man is so good without any pressure on him…Big man has to show this type of relaxation in big races.

Bolt is still the man. Hands down.

Look at my man Dix…dude was flying!! Dix doing his thing!!

IMO that side view really shows how fast these guys are moving, they should show the side view live!!!

imo i think powell cant run rounds. He is a one race performer. I doubt that he is scared of anyone on the planet including bolt. He beat bolt this season. Didnt choke up but it was a one race race. He has destroyed everyone that beat him at the olympics. He needs to step of to those dreaded 200’s

lol i just noticed the side view…damn, that actually is the coolest thing ive ever seen in my life ever!

I would dodge him on the circuit if I were Bolt. :smiley:

If you look in the videos section, in the link I posted for his Gateshead 9.87 there are slo-mo side views.