Just wanted to get personal feedback about which modality might offer the most benefit. I have the ART upper extremity manual and videos. I am thinking of doing the seminar. But I also heard of STR in a Tom Green post. STR is certainly less expensive than ART. Is there a consensus as to which might be more beneficial to follow?

Once again… it’s not the modality, it’s the therapist that makes the difference. Take either course, but that choice in itself will not make you a better therapist.

Volunteer to work alongside other top therapists. Work with as many athletes as possible. Build up your experience. Have an open mind. Be humble. And always strive for success.:saint:

Spelling? :wink:

Number Two,
Point well taken on the modality not being the major difference. I was wondering if anyone had experience with both so as to draw comparison between the two. I am well aware of the fact that it takes much skill to become a good therapist. What I was wondering is the major differences between the two. It would seem to make sense to me to align myself with something I have a belief in. Thanks for your feedback.