Armory Training

Is there anyone in the NYC area who will be training over the winter at the Armory?? I’d like to get into it, but its a bit of a hike from Queens. But if I had a training partner, I think Id be much more apt to go.

Ill be training at West Point. For free!! 11am-1pm.

Yeah I was up at the Pt a few times back when I was in school, but now Im a working man and have to opt for the evening training.


Let me know I work in the city but I live in westchester. I wanted to start the GPP stuff Oct. 5.-Nov. 26. (tues/thurs/sat for speed and wed/fri/sun for tempo) Then start SPP inside at the Armory the last week of Nov-mid Jan.

What kind of shape are you in now?

Hey Jay,

Right now Im in pretty decent shape. Ive been running since the late spring. Example workouts would be 2x4x150m tempo in 25s with 45s recovery walk. For speed Ive been doing flying 20s with a 30m lead in 2.1-2.2. Speed Endurance workouts of 2x4x60m consitent around 7.15. So overall Im in pretty good shape, and would like to at least maintin through the winter. What Im planning right now is 5 more weeks of speed Endurance and top speed as my focus. Then Ill be starting back with acceleration training, and adding in weights which I havent done in a few months.

To be honest, Im not sure if Ill be doing the Armory training bc I work for UPS and during the holidays sups have to go on the road and deliver. So there will be many days where I wont be done with work till 7 in the evening or later. So its in the air a little right now. But Ill be in touch.

You’re in good shape (better than me!). Let me know what you want to do. They have 2 training sessions, 6:30-8:00pm and 8:00-9:30pm tuesdays and thursdays. Question: with the season over why are you still doing speed end. I thought that was done in the SPP? Also with 5 more weeks of this training would take you into early to mid Nov. Is that when you wanted to start the GPP?

Well I havent trained for competition in over a yr now so more or less I speed train to push myself, to see just how fast I can be. All through college I realized that my coach was a moron and had no idea to train speed, so I missed my prime. Back then I lived to compete and ended up never getting faster, injuring myself constantly and only ended up triple jumping 45’. Not to brag but I was a technician in the triple jump. But I never had the speed to make the bigtime. Lets put it this way…when I started training again after college(abt a month off) I stepped on the track and ran a 4.4 30m sprint. Granted I was out of shape some, but damn I shoulda been significantly faster. After training all that summer with CF methods I was running around 3.7 regularly. There is no doubt in my mind that with practice I couldve converted that speed in to a 50’+ TJ and 23"+ LJ. Now Im older, work 50hrs a wk and much heavier. anyway…I just run bc I like to get on the track and see noticable gains. Slow jogging bores me to no end. But to my dismay after talking with my manager recently, doesnt look like training in Nov and Dec will be out. I can look forward to 12+hr days that can last well ino the late evening. But if any of that changes Ill def be getting in touch. Peace