Arm/leg action out of the blocks

I tend to really throw my lead hand way over my head on the 1st step out of the blocks. I think I got into this habit to make sure I’m getting full extension on the initial step. The problem I feel with this is my lead foot does not seem to get into a good driving back position quickly enough. My lead foot may be getting too far out in front of me. Should I try to limit the height of my hand and drive/pull my hand down to “trigger” my lead foot to drive backwards sooner. Hopefully this makes sense. I want to get my lead foot down and driving back as quickly and forcefully as posible.

I would still concentrate and pump the arms all the way through the acceleration phase and leave the legs just land. Hill training could help a lot in this aspect, as you don’t have to think about your legs.

There is no time for thinking where your legs should land and measuring, putting tapes and trying to hit specific spots don’t work in my experience.

Hope this helps!