Arm Action

If the angle gets too small in front, it prevents full rotation at the hips by limiting compensatory rotation at the shoulder, moves the CG back slightly, forcing forward movement at the shoulders, interfering with force delivery (extension) through the hip and interfering with the natural rebound/return action of the arm at the shoulder at the completion of the back-swing, and so on and so on…

Hey I was looking up information about arm action and I found this. I understand everything about arm action except for the forward swing, it was mentioned that there was a natural rebound effect after pulling down and driving arms back.

My question is, do I just let my arms come forward naturally or do I have to swing my arms forward as hard as I pulled them down?

i would say let the the reflex bring them forward and apply power going back, hammer the nail into wall. thats what works for me.

I find that when I pull down with my elbow my opposite arm naturally swings forward. So i focus on the part.

I try to simplify everything i do, so i dont have to think about to many things when i run. That leads to tightness.

I guess i just have a simple mind.

opposite reaction!