Arcadia invitational

Dont know where this topic goes.

Anyways, wondering if any high school athletes are attending the Arcadia invite. I just moved to cali and yet have to make a mark to qualify for high jump. I already made the height but it was at a dual meet, so I have 2 chances at invitationals to make the height

This topic would probably go under News or Results, but anyway… My team is going to run the DMR at the night meet there. We’re, in all modesty, going to try and take a whack at the national record. I’m trying to get into the open 800 individually, which should be fun. I’d like to see you there hijump :slight_smile:

I think I’ll be there at the day meet, considering my PR is onl at 6’2. I’m still getting use to me 10 step approach, so I hope something better will happen before Arcadia. I would be so greatful if I can jump at the night meet.

What city do u live in? Are you going to the Long Beach relays?

Cleveland Glenville will be there…I believe Jamario O’neal won the 100m there or got 2nd but I remember he ran a 10.3 (i believe the results are handtiemd here?)

I know our school is going, but only a couple of guys are actually gonna be competing in the invitational session of the meet. This one guy on our team ran a 21.8 - 22.1 HT 200m (depending on whose timer you look at) at our first meet of the year last week. I think he has the fastest time in the 200m for any white guy that I’ve heard of He’ll be there, along with one of our shotputters, (50 something feet, not quite sure the exact number), and one of our pole vaulters (13 feet for him I think). Then I’ll be there with some of the more average guys on our team to compete in the open event,

I wish I was doing the LB relays… Prunedale is in CCS, though. My school is officially situated in Castroville, but it’s closer to Prunedale than downtown Castro.

hey palmtag, whats your name? I’m gonna look for you during the 800. R u runnin the night meet?

I’m not gonna be at arcadia since Im not in high school, but look for these names. Hijump, my boy Fletcher Carlyle is gonna be high jumping, not sure if at night or day meet, but he has a PR of 6’8" from his junior year last year. Already hit 6’6" last week in his first meet. He goes to my old high school (Vintage). Also, a girl named Lea Wallace who’s a great 800 runner (2:15 as a 10th grader last year) also attends Vintage is possibly going to be running there. Just thought I’d chime in.

Yeah, hopefuly your buddy’ll be at the night meet, can I can go against him. Well see what happens. It’ll be good to watch experienced high jumpers

Palmtag, your team must have guys that can run 49 and 1:54, times like that or better. That’s really good. I’m an old timer but my daughter’s at Oaks Christian. They may qualify for the lesser 4X100M but there should be excellent times there; its a phenomenal meet. My buddy’s son is running in the distance M too; they’re from Akolani HS in Lafayette, CA.
Lastly, Ted Ginn ran for Glenville, OH last yr right?

Hijump, that guy I told you about, Carlyle, hit 6’10" yesterday at a relay meet… I couldn’t believe it… He’s on his way!

what school does he go to? He’ll def will be competing at the night meet, that may even be a first place mark for the night meet. Im gonna see if I can get myself together before the meet. It will be nice seeing him compete though.