Anyone watch

the Countdown to Lesnar-Velasquez. Some pretty interesting leading up to their megafight. Any thought on who will win? Lesnar is one imposing athlete. Rarely see that size, power, and speed. That man is a freak! I see Lesnar imposing his strength and winning by wearing down Velasquez. I am often wrong though.

omitted training. Jeez I am one terrible typist.

I do remember he (lesnar) had a tryout with the vikings a few years ago. Yeah that dude is a freak!

4.6 at Vikings camp. It was interesting to watch him train with a blend of power and endurance. Weights, heavy ropes, bodyweight exercises. He is one frightening dude. I have trained my whole life in boxing and martial arts and if I had to fight him, I would bring a gun and shoot him because thats the only way I could win that scrap. Bad, bad man.

i can only see that making him angrier!

Hoping it isn’t a single shot. Maybe something shots 100 rounds a minute or more. Then maybe it might be 50:50 chance

Yes, maybe a highpowered sniper rifle from a mile out in case you missed vitals. Then he might just be angry. Haha. All kidding aside, that guys trains hard and with some serious focus as does Cain Velasquez. Should be interesting scrap. Such a different training methodology. I trained a King of the Cage World Champ and the sessions were grueling for him. Kettlebells, sprints, bodyweight exercises etc for 5-6 mins straight. I did some workouts with him and they were butt kickers.

Did you see the article Martin Rooney wrote this week? Interesting take on the current state of MMA training.

“We destroy guys with these grueling camps and endless death circuits to ‘mimic’ what supposedly happens in a fight, and then we wonder why they show up absolutely bagged”

“Between rounds, I’ve never had a fighter say, ‘Wow, he’s got really good endurance.’ But I do hear, ‘Man he’s so much stronger than me’ all the time,” says Rooney."

Matt Hughes was dominant when he benched 360 lbs. He changed up to too much circuit and looked weaker and much less explosive. I like short burst explosive lifts. Like long complexes. Yeah, I think people forget about recovery. MMA is a new frontier so it may take a little longer to hone in on good ideology

Brock lesnar got knocked down by heavy hitter Shane Carwin. But he weathered the storm and in round tow - Carwin ran out of gas. Thhis is why I believe Brock will beat Cain. He has such durability (strength & resiliance) and high levels of endurance for such a big guy. % times world strongest man champion - Mariuz paddanouwski (spelling?) smashed his countries x national boxing xhamp in the first round - but then lost to Tim Sylvia in his second fight. In Brock - you have some one allmost as strong as Mariuz - but far more endurance and skills.

The guy in M-M-A that impresses me the most is Alistair Overeem. I rate him number 1 in the world.

  1. Alistari Overeem. Strike force
  2. Brock Lesnar. UFC
  3. Fedor Emelianenko. Strike force. (so he lost one fight - but he would win the re-match against F.Verdum.)

Good man. Now stay off the drugs.

I guess Cain was the 50 cal sniper rifle. He smoked Brock. As for him being as strong as Marius, not close. He needs to get a lot more technically efficient at striking if he wants to continue. He also needs to get used to getting hit. He seems like he is lost as soon as someone puts a glove on him. I honestly thin Fedor would pound Cain. Fedor is a lights out puncher who is extremlely quick and he has unreal jiu jitsu. Werdum tapped him because he got careless. He could have changed positions, he just st in the guard and got triangled. Would bet he whips Werdum if they rematch. Overeem seems to lack a chin and his size gain seems a little dubious. Face looks completely different if you feel me?