Riding the bike while injured

I was wondering if it’s alright to ride a bike while injured (foot & Ischial tuberosity I think). It’s good weather outside and I was thinking maybe go uphill etc. You know, not just ride the bike, more like a workout is what i’m talking about.

i broke my back during work last year and ive been doing spinning classes for months and honestly without it id be a very bad shape. i also developed bad achilles tendonitis referred from the back probs and the cycling didnt seem to aggrevate it which is great. if you are getting pain then id ease back or do smething else which does not aggrevate it.

Biking is good but personally I think the rowing machine is an overlooked alternative. I had some achilles issues last year wasn’t helped by biking yes the rower assisted with recovery as well as providing a really good workout.

Running in water with a AquaJogger is another alternative for some types of injuries. My sprinters have only used the belt, and have not used the sandals or other related devices.


Or just running in the water without any aids. Works a treat.