What should be my next video purchase?

I have the GPP download, fundamental of speed and strength 1, and practical sessions: basic running mechanics. What should I purchase next? I already have CFTS, Speed Trap, and the classics. I would like to see more videos of Charlie explaining technique.

I have always been a fan of “Peaking When It Counts”. It’s great because you get to see all the aspects of CFTS (speed, technique, tempo, racing, lifting, massage and planning) put together in real time with a goal in purpose. I also like that it’s shot more like a documentary, it has an entertaining factor to it more so than the lecture/instruction videos.

Sounds good I may check it out. I was just hoping to find more videos of sprinting technique explanations.

I think I’m going to purchase Key Concepts, Edmonton series, and Peaking when it counts. 150 dollars but I know these products will be just as good as the other products I have purchased :slight_smile:

I have just finished my first view of peaking when it counts. Well worth it, just for the little knowledge bombs and quotes Charlie drops.

Thanks for your help DMA.

Thanks everybody I made the purchases.