Anyone know anything i can do to make my hamstrings strong?

if so please tell me.

search…but ill help u out, squat, gluteham raise, snatch grip deadlift, RDL, step ups, lunges, and variations of…just to start you off…

which of those is the best to use

there is no best, i vary it based on where i am in my program as far as rep ranges. your best bet would be to squat if you want to go with the route of selecting one exercise, but keep all of them around, because when you stagnate you need something to blast you through.

Can you put a plan together?i need really strong hamstrings so i can run fast

put a plan together? you know yourself better than anyone, including some stranger on a board. you are very able to do it. keep it basic. here is something you can work with though. Full body workouts, large multi joint movements. 18-24 reps total per exercise. you can play with set/rep schemes, but if you exceed 90% max/relative max, you need to back it off after three weeks, try to keep around 80% of max/relative max. and just to tell you relative max is like ok say your 1RM is 100lbs, 90% is 90lbs. Now say your 5RM is 80lbs, so your relative 90% max for 5 reps is 72lbs. this is all that ill give you, you are able to make a program from that.

blaze go to and seach for the following articles thety will really help you understand what exercises you need to do and why you need to do them. They also have pictures to assure you are doing the exercises they are discribing. These are very good foundational articles that will help you design a program that will work well for you.

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