Anyone have a side shot of someone in the set position? (with good form)

Does anyone have a side angle view of the correct starting position in the blocks?
I was doing my starts yesterday and trying to keep leg bend about parallel. I was three footlengths from the line to the first block with a little less than one footlength between the first block and back block. What should the weight percentage distribution be on your hands when in the set position?
I was previously taught to have my hips higher and less leg bend but that severely comprimised the power I could generate out of the blocks. The way I am doing it now is correct I think but I need a pic to compare.

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Could you comment more on the brower system?

Brower Timing Systems, better known as Speed Trap (M-F Athletics, Springco, etc.), has several functions that can be utilized for alactic speed training assessment. It’s shown on the bottom, and behind the arms of the athlete shown in the picture.

The feature we use is the “four beep” or microphone function. We use either a cap gun or a device fabricated by one of our coaches (2 pieces of wood hinged together) to initiate the timing mechanism.

If performed properly, this comes as close to simulating the Lynx as we have used to date, including the Pyro Bright Flash Timer, which we also use for step analysis (1st step time, 2nd step time, 3rd step time, etc.).

However, for 10m segment training we use the KMS PortaKit System.


Could you comment more on the brower system?

How do you know your power is compromised by this position? By time or by sensation (which could be wrong)? Remember, the stronger you are, the less you’ll feel comming out of the blocks.

Closest i could get.
Fredericks during warmup.

Slightly too low for my likeing… however i do prefer my hips slightly above my head as ooposed to many athletes which get into ‘set’ with there hips significantly higher.


That is not a good start position. The hips are too low.

I notice the difference through time comparision, how far I extend with my front leg and where my first step is landing
That pic of Frankie looks similar to me but I think my hips are slightly higher. I’ll get vid for you guys to look at this weekend if the rain stays away.

How about this?

Such an image … prizes - Caption Competition …

“Focus” … “Calm as a Bomb” … “Coiled Explosion” … “All you will see are the whites of my eyes”

what an awesome pic, where did you get it? It looks like he is about to jump thru the comp!!

the picture of frankie isn’t ideal at all.he has his own technique which suit and work for him.on the other hand the photo of ben has alot of usual charactaristics which apply to us all.

you can see the 90 front and 135 back leg angles while in set.straight back.the only difference ben had was his head position and the trade-mark wide arm stance which Charlie had his reasons for.great picture from the semi in barcelona,god he even look fast in the blocks

Man that is a great pic of Ben!! he looks ready to EXPLODE!!

I am really curious how much weight you put on your hands when in the set position? What the weight distribution should be from feet to hands.

I really want to get my start as comfortable and as fast as possible…



i pretty sure it should be equal because if you have too much weight on your hands you rock back and have a movement with your lead arm…or something like to that.

doesnt having your head forward like that pronate tension in the shoulders? Is your head supposed to be inline with your back in the set position??
Also, why did ben have such a wide stance?


It looks deceptive in that photo but Ben had his weight evenly distributed between his hands and feet. The problem here was that in 1992, Ben’s training and power levels were off and, as a result, this wide arm position sent him out lower than he could handle at that time.
Think of a departure angle of 45 degrees. Every inch out is one more inch up. The reverse is also true- if you can’t push yourself far enough out, you cant raise the hip high enough for the foot to land behind the hip on steps 2 and 3, causing, at best, a delay while the hip rolls over the support foot before power can be applied, and, at worst, a stumble- which is what happened here.
If I’d been there, I would have moved his hands in a little to raise his center of gravity slightly.

there’s a good video on the Video section from the 1983 WC 100m start… shows Alan Wells in Lane 1.


i cant see the photo,

is it my computer or is anyone else having this problem too?

I thought the head should be inline with the back?

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It looks like his shoulders are a tad bit behind the line. Maybe moving the blocks up a few inches will fix that. The settings look perfect, so I wouldn’t suggest just having him lean forward more. If he did, he would lose the great angles he has already. Also can the back block lean back any farther? I can’t tell from the picture.

We must have modified these settings a dozen times before he felt comfortable and explosive on a consistent basis.

The picture angle is off - his shoulders are actually to the line as his eyes are directly over it.

This athlete is 6’3" and was most responsive from this set position.