Anybody used 'the stick' or 'body stick'?

I was looking for a foam roller and I came across these things (try or to see what I’m posting about). So has anybody used one?


i use something simliar, its very helpful

i use a baseball bat or a rolling pin:)

i have it,
not really happy with it, cant get deep enough,
self massaeg works better, but with that fingers are getting hurt.

I find the stick very useful for warming up and cooling down.

You can also pick up a Pinkie ball for a buck.

I use it in my therapy session, very good!

Foam roller is ok too!

Thanks for the replies people. The foam roller I bought is good but there are areas that it can’t really get to, so something like this would be a good additional massager to have. Think I’ll just make one myself though - looks easy to make.

I’ve got a “Stick”, foam roller, and a few of the TP Massage products. I think all of these items have there place, and individually each can reach some muscle groups better than others.

The commercial products are convenient and easy to use, but I suppose the results could be re-created on a budget. A tennis ball and a stuffed paper towel tube might suffice, if not being somewhat cumbersome to use.

In regards to the stick, I have the general purpose “Marathon” stick. It is stiff enough for all but the quads and hams; unless those areas are already sore.