any predictions for nationals?

Im thinking tyson will go high 9.7 and a 19.4.
Powell will barely break 9.9 if he runs a good race
And if bolt doesnt ease up then a 9.67-9.68 but if he eases up then 9.72-9.73.

Merritt vs. Warner… what’s the call?

haha, any chance of an upset by a 3rd party?

Trindon holiday may sneak in for a spot in the 100

I think Merritt’s better than Wariner right now. Wariner got messed up after he left Clyde Hart and he’s working his way back.

but merrit did 44.8 in toronto?

I’m hoping that he doesn’t do the double. As defending champ he has wild-cards for the WC, and doubling up at Nationals would only be an unecessary injury risk. Thanks to him and Wariner there will be 4 Americans in every male sprint event in Berlin.

Wariner is only doing the 200m at this stage. He’s got a wild-card for Berlin.

yeah i think it could be Gay Rodgers Holiday…

I hope I’m wrong, but I think you’re a little too optimistic in terms of what times Bolt & Gay will run.

Based on what the American rules have been, Gay could blow one out in round one of each event and then leave like Mo did with the 100 in 2001 because he’s pre-qualified. (not sure if he can still do that if he pulls out of the 100- anybody know?)
Bolt is ready for something big, I’d think but he needs to run the full meet there.

only for tyson lolz

if i were tyson id prolly run 2 100s on day 1 for self prep. since he hasnt run any 100s this season. and then run 1 200 sub max and maybe 1 all out after? and leave it at it.

bolt should definitely go all out in the 100 finals and break 9.7.

I think VC follows a similar tactic in the Jamaican trials running the 200 m only. Any confirmation of this?