Any PB this year?

How many of you guys hit Personal Best Marks
this year (55m/60m/100m/200m/400m)

If so, what was your previous PB before hitting that MAGIC NUMBER

I tied my personal best indoors in the 55m TWICE. 6.63 FAT.

I also had a new personal best in the long jump at 6.85 meters 22’5.75. And was very consistent all season around that mark fouling on some big 23+ jumps. My previous personal best was 22’0.75.

Also i had new personal best/school records in the 4x2 and 4x4 indoors
1:31.51 and 3:22.x and outdoors in the 4x100 42.07.

All relay memebers will be returning next year including our own NCAA D3 100 meter champion.

Good Job! You will hit it bIG in '05

I have my first race ever tonight. This could well be a disaster, having only used blocks once before. A bit of a last minute decision to compete, especially after doing a short sprint session last night. It should be fun alright!

PR in LJ w/NO practice- 16’3 or 16’5–>17’2, HJ 5’2–>5’3, 400m 61–>59, 55h 8.78–> 8.36, 300h 48.3–>46.5, 100h 15.3–>15.1, 800m 2:35–> 2:26.

Also PR in shot within the pentathlon which itself was a points PR, and a PR in javelin during heptathlon where I also had a points PR.

Had a PR for a 200m split in a 4x2 but this was sort of inexact… approx. 26.8–> 26.0, and lastly broke a 10-year old school record in 4x4 (all the hurdle and multi records are already mine :smiley: )

thanx kenny,
fill us in on how your season went…

Good stuff! Moving forward on all fronts.

Well, I don’t like to bost about my times:
I did PR this year I ran 10.78 (1.8w) from 11.01.
Actually I ran 5 times last yr between 11.08-11.02.
This yr my avg was 11.01.

My 200m is always horriblel,my best this yr was
22.71w, My goal next yr is sub22,
and sub10.7

I’m taking 4 weeks off, This yr was the most races I have competed in in my career. I ran in 17 (100m), 5 (200m), 3 relays.

Here’s the site:

All unatt: I’m 29 yrs old, Coach

nice job!
what did you do different that enabled you to run a .p.b. in the 100?
Sub 10.8 was actually my goal that i did not meet this year.

Umm I PB’d in every event this year…But unforunately all my outdoor marks were when i was injured and hadn’t had any practice so I kow I could do better.
Indoor 55:6.44 200:21.2 split 400:48.86 47.8 split
Outdoor 100:10.47 200:21.57 400:47.77 (46.4) split

3 Things:

Quality on Track, less quantity
Strength, Total Body
More rest w/ speed Work,
and I must add
I did a lot of 95% work, got from Francis

100m: Dropped from a 11.2 (Only ran the 100m once last year) to a 10.78, consistently in the 10.8 range.

200m: Went from a 23.0 last year to a 22.02

Relay: Our relay team (4x1 and 4x4) went from a 43.3 to a 41.9 and a 3:31 to a 3:22

7.39 --> 7.11

11.7 --> 11.2

58.2 --> 56.3

Long Jump:
6.19 --> 6.55

Triple Jump:
13.19 --> 13.87

High Jump:
1.70 --> 1.80

100: 11.15 -> 10.94
LJ: 6.94 -> 7.13
SP: 12.35 -> 13.80
110HH: 16.8x -> 16.4x
DT: 38.50 -> 40.95
JT: 45.xx -> 51.xx
1500: 5:00 -> 4:59

It’s so much easier to set new PB’s when you have 10 events to choose from. :slight_smile:

You all probably hate my half-miler ass :smiley: :smiley: But I’m proud of my accomplishments I had a breakthrough year :slight_smile:

1600 5:59-4:43
I’ve only ever ran two measured 1600’s but they were a year apart, so i guess that counts. I have yet to run a competitive 1600, I hope to do more of this next year.

800 2:12.50-1:56.73
I never thought I’d be running the 800 come track season, but I really surprised myself when I started running respectable times.

400 53.22-51.3h
This even was a let-down for me. yeah, 51.3 is nice for a sophomore, but I expected a bigger breakthrough, like 49.8-49.4 etc etc. I ran fast whenever it didn’t count, which pissed me off. I hovered around 52.0 seconds all year.

200 24.76-23.8h
Sub 24 second performance on gravel anyone? :smiley:

55 7.0h :smiley:
I had to prove my metal against the other sprinters on the team. They thought I was just a distance guy. Ran the third fastest time on the track team :smiley:


You are dangerous — in a good way