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what do you guys think of this program for a general speed development program for the guys on my football team? remember we arent cfl here and most guys dont come from a track background and just need something simple to follow once or twice a week for the next 10 weeks.

feedback or possible changes? or toss it all together

I just checked out the hurdle workouts. He has very poor technique. I applaud the fellow efforts, but they at least could have found someone who has done the drills more than a few times. There are many flaws to his technique in the drills. Oh well.

I have to say that I like it alot more when Angie does the Hurdle workout 4.

All the have done is copied a few of Loren Segraves drills from his speed dynamics videos. I wonder if they have broken any copyright laws?

The bald guy was probably faster before he confused his CNS with all the funny technique he has going on there.

These look more like my warm-ups than actual workouts. They will not get any faster with this. Perhaps their general fitness will increase, but not their speed. They need to break out of the 10 yard range. I believe Charlie has said before that most speed up to 10 yards (Metres?) is developed in the weight room.

key thing to keep in mind is that it is for guys 25-40 that arent track athletes nor will they ever run in a meet.

im watching these videos right now… and I just LOL
why not do it simple?


If you (or better said, your teammates!) are really interested and motivated, instead of trying to learn the drills from a video, which as Herb put it, are in part `very poor´ technically (I agree), get the goods live.

You must know some track guys (I think I read that you sell nutrition products?) and ask if you or maybe even your team or interested teammates can come to a session and watch and/or participate. You will learn much more live.

I know that you are in Calgary, I am from cowtown originally (I hate to admit it, but I was there even before the Calgary Tower graced the skyline!! - was originally the Husky Tower) and was involved in track. There are enough track people around and one of them must be interested in sharing the knowledge.

In winter they train in Lindsay Park, or in Jack Simpson or in the Olympic Oval. If you can go and watch between 5 and 7 pm you are bound to see some track guys and then you could ask.

Lumberjack2051 is from Calgary, and knows a thing or two about sprint technique (I won´t say more, but I could easily impress you with his credentials). Maybe send him a U2U and see if he is interested. He is a student of the sport and has learned from some of the best.

Good luck!

By the way, I played in the touch league a few years ago with the 69ers. Do you play touch in that league or what exactly?


same league!!! thats cool, and the 69ers are still a pretty good team. i play for the “six pack” in the touch and flag A division. small world eh? i actually have a family member that is a “track guy” here in calgary, i did some workouts with him in december to brush up, but i see my teamates in our winter workouts doing drills and like charlie said “it looks like a dogs breakfast!” exactly.

i actually looked at the link closer and went through all the pages and i think i am in agreement. some of the guys train like i do, 6 days per week, year around and have specialty coaching, but some of the others think snowboarding is good enough.

thanks for the input guys! and lumberjack2051, drop by the store sometime (follow my url link), its great meeting CF members in person.