Ankles in pain!!!!!!

What should I do about my ankles? I rolled both of them separate times during july and they have healed, but my ankles are way weaker. I am forced to wear ankle braces because my ankles just roll super easy now. I have done some wobble board/bosu ball work, and basically I have just done standing still balancing for 5 minutes, then eyes closed. Balance on one foot for a minute then the other, then eyes closed. Thats pretty much it and Ive done it for about 2 weeks and half, 3 times a week.

have you done any resistance band training or trampolining?

hooplife, work more on an uneven surface with one leg. Very important to keep all of the glute muscles very tight. Add in hopping in place, horizontal and side-to-side hops. Start off with very small movements and progress to more dynamic hops.

hooplife I’m assuming your a baller.
Two things that helped me the most;
1-Stop playing as much you can until you’re back to 100%. Still many drills you can work on.

2-Before you start with side-to-side stuff, do straight line work.

Eventually you should beable to get rid of the brace!

t-bone, why shouldn’t side-to-side movements be performed along with horizontal movements?

I remember reading from Dr. Kinakin that weak ankles can be linked to a nutritional deficiency. I know lots of people are jumping on the “vitamin/mineral deficiency” bandwagon, and if that comment came from anyone else I would have ignored it, but he is the “real deal”.

chris-p, I have read some of Dr. Kinakin work, attended his lectures and had a short conversation with him at a SWIS convention. I respect his intelligence. However, a statement regarding “weak ankles can be linked to a nutritional deficiency” sounds a little Chek-like. Why just the ligaments of the ankle and not, lets say the thumb or shoulder. I’d like to see the proof.

Well first of it depends on the severity of the sprain. But it’s normally a roll-over that was the injury. So starting with side-to-side movements can be more stressing than it’s ready for. Think of when you get an ankle injury the pain from plantar flexion and extension normally goes before inversion or eversion.

Thomas I was thinking the same thing…such respect for the guy, but he must have got that form Chek!

He talked about that before Chek started his nutrition focus, Ken is not heavily influenced by Cheks writings. My experience is that Ken is honest and has always been generous with his time. Email him and possibly he can provide the proof you need.

I guess its a personal judgment call each of us make to trust the information someone gives, whether it be Charlie, Dr. Kinakin or anyone else, when little proof/research exists to support it.

If you decided to disregard the information, fine. If you decided to follow up on it, that’s also fine. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. Ken is honest, has real world clinical experience and book smarts. For me that is enough to give merit to what he has to say, regardless of what pubmed has to say about it.

t-bone, yes depends on the sprain. An ankle injury from July should be ready for some low-level hopping. Very hard to perform side-to-side in acute phase. Perhaps a low-level diagonal movement. Everyone is different. As you know there are no absolutes.

Agreed there are no absolutes, I think we’re bascially thinking along the same lines.
However just from what hooplife said. Here’s my thinking;
1- Yes the sprain was a couple months ago, but since hooplife said they are ‘way weaker’ I don’t think they’re healed fully!

2- Since he’s playing basketball, he really doesn’t need to do hopping drills.

3-I’d do some sprinting a couple times a week before hopping drills. The sprinting (as long as it can be done pain-free) should help with the recovery. Since he could substitute it for time on the court.