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Also foot passing over opposite knee.

T/E & high foot carry crossing at or above the knee of the support leg. This is common to all great sprinters but Bolt’s ability to get into position early and maintain through the line is one of his distinguishing features

Two nights ago a high school meet, I had dinner with one of the other coaches and he told me how in the mid 80s he got to watch Ben Johnson in a training session in Ottawa, and to this day he still is in awe of what he witnessed. It sounds like Ben was doing something like 30m block starts, and he has trouble believing how it is humanly possible for anyone to get out of the blocks and up into a running position as fast as Ben was repeatedly doing.

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Asafa Powell 9.83 (-0.5m/s) wet track in Ostrava May 2010

Usain Bolt 300m in 30.97 (2nd all-time behind Michael Johnson’s 30.85 set in Pretoria, RSA) in 2000 - same year MJ became first man (and only) to retain Olympic 400m title.

Sturrup looked great in the first half! 38 and still going strong!!

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