analyse this

If we’re mentioning those who weren’t at the highest level, check out Michael Ray Garvin:

Brianna Glen

Brittany Reese

Debbie Dunn 400m winner 2010 US Champs

Dix wins the 100

Dix in the deuce

Ivory Williams

David Oliver - talking about massive shoulders !

Jeremy Wariner before the Fall

Yea… ha ha… I left him out!!

How would you analyse this photo Kitkat?
It’s seems pretty good form to me but I’m not an expert (yet).
He seems relaxed, hip rotation is ok, arms are ok, shoulders relaxed?

Looks pretty darn good to me.

It amazes me to see most other athletes who are on the circuit for a long period of time get larger and have more muscle bulk as the years pass. However Spearmon seems to have stayed the same size and yet kept up with these guys.

Yep, same with Allyson Felix on the female side.