analyse this

Supposedly 10 x bodyweight at takeoff for a LJ

About 4 x bodyweight for a sprint impulse, but could be less. I’ve heard different estimations (down to as little as 1-1/2 x bodyweight for sprint impulse in the upright position)

I guess bolt has very strong lower abs, good hip mobility, and strong posterior chain to acheive this position.

Skip to 11:34 and watch Simeon’s left leg after his drive, it seems to turn outwards before each foot strike, causing him to drift to the left of his lane, but then after he dips his leg seems to be going straight all the way through again. What’s going on here!?

He’s always ran like this…granted over the last 2 years its gotten more pronouced…Its only now cos he’s in the worlds limelight that it has been noticed and scruntinsed by loads of watchers. I’ve never seen it as bad as this though…his form went and he tried to muscle it out. It looked like he was limping while running. He wasnt getting that massive extension of the front of the left leg which he normally does or any height of the track in say comparison to how he looked during the indoors championships (almost looks like he bounds down the track)

do these people have therapists?

400 heats