alternate for hyperextensions

I am trying to work out a really good core workout. I do core 3 times a week (M,W,F). I want to develop a very strong lower back, for rowing, and also strong abdominals. A strong core is important in my case for keeping good posture, preventing injuries, and power. My gym does not have a hyperextension, which i’ve heard is a good tool for lower back strength. this is my core routine, please critique.

  1. This is hard to explain, you lay on your stomach, and reach your hands and legs out. Then Raise your arms & legs up and down at the same time. Lets call it … Flopping Fish ( 3 sets of 30 seconds)

  2. Weighted Incline Crunches ( 3 sets of 20 )

  3. Lying Scissor Kicks ( 3 sets of 30 seconds )

  4. Bridging ( 3 sets of 30 seconds )

I think I need to add another ab exercise, (maybe hanging knee raises) and I will add an exercise for obliques … any opinons? how does ^ look to you?


Try deadlifts, squats and reverse hypers. All that kung-fu sissor kick stuff is ok, but I would focus on these exercises which will give you the most benefit.