all eyez on me

I have been soliciting advice and insight from the top guns on this site. It has been a God send for me. I am also the coach who is dealing with the shortest track season in america (12 weeks; prep competetition and all). On the Difference Between Tempos and Intervals forum in the “fundamentals” forum, I have submitted the season overview, overview of macro and micros. I would greatly appreciate your asst.
I only know of some of the big dogs: Kitkat, Pj, Dazed, and of course the CF’er himself. Please stop by and chop it up, build it up, all of the above. I am a big boy and can take critique. I will answer within 24 hrs, barring weekends.
FYI- my AD at the HS where I coach is ordering CFTS, GPP and other goodies for me but it won’t help much this season.