AlessANDRO Donati

Yea while at the library this past weekend researching training and sprint material for 7 hours I ran across Alessandro Donati name several times.

This guys seems to knock the facts regarding weight training for sprinters.
This was quoted in NSIA 2-3 '96 vol. 11. Page 51-58. He states "It’s well known that excessive increase in muscle mass causes a decline in power/body weight ratio and effects the ROM especially the neuromuscular co- ordination.

Do you guys have any information on this guy. Some of his information is pretty good !!

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I like this guy’s philosophy he’s big on overall body strength and power.
He coaches Irina Privalova from Russia I beleive.

I like his prep technical phase that last for 6 weeks.

He’s big on field test ( SLJ, STJ, med- ball throws, and vertical jumps) similar to Dan Pfaff down in Austin what a smart man Pfaff is dammmm.

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Yea if you can get your hands on these guys material I think you will enjoy it.

I feel Like I should share my stuff w/ you guys.

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I have only heard of the name A. Donati in anti-doping stuff - I didn’t know he was involved in Coaching also.

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Originally posted by Kenny Mac
I like his prep technical phase that last for 6 weeks.

any chance at getting this posted?

Sounds like another version of the Eruopean preference for specific vs general strength development. We’ve had quite a lot of heated debate on this topic already, and we pointed out that the 4 fastest sprinters- Tim, Mo, Ben, and Ato all used a general strength approach (Bob Hayes too for that matter)


What school do you work with. I am going to be there friday to watch my former team. My friend is ranked #1 in men’s high jump!