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Came across this and thought it would interest some on the forum. Al is one of the most successful coaches and very inspirational.


Good stuff…

Thanks for Sharing. I notice the article ref- Carlo Vittori Italy

Reminds me of this thread- Italian sprint training

Cf was always good at simple arithmetic as you can see how easy he got his point across to coaches in the 80s and 90s in the post below:

CF- "If you look in the Forum Review, you can see some examples of Italian training, often based on 4 speed sessions per week as follows-

Speed, Speed End, off, Speed, Speed End, off, off, with no tempo.

Compared to a Speed, tempo, Speed End, tempo, Speed set-up, it seems to offer more SE over a given season BUT the effect on the CNS requires a 2 + 1 week intensification schedule, vs 3 + 1 in the second scheme, meaning that, at the end of the training year, you get about the same number of intensification opportunities for SE with Vittori’s system but LESS intensification opportunities for Speed."

This article was on the wall at a school I used to lift at. Glad to have a copy. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Balance-that is a fantastic thread and the point about intensification schedules is very important.

Herb-I understand you were at a 2004 seminar with Al (I have the videos). Must have been an awesome experience.

The unique thing about Vermeil and Charlie is they never got caught up in all the trends and BS in the industry. They simply focused on what they were doing and learned from their own personal experiences and left the sports historians (I mean scientists) to prove why training methods work.



Your summary of how Al and Charlie worked is bang on. Both were interested in science but only if it made sense to what they knew for sure.

So I guess " LESS intensification opportunities for Speed " are going to mean LESS SPEED… LESS SPEED means less opportunity to repeat speed which means less consistency of speed over time and = " PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT" ( cmf)
Balance, I appreciate members who continue to clarify points as you have highlighted above to direct others to learn more about sprinting. Very cool guys. thanks

I have attended a lecture with Al actually put on by No2 only a few years ago. All I can say is that he is brilliant. Such a down to earth, practical guy who gives credit to the individuals who he has learned from. One moment I wont forget about him is that at the beginning of his lecture he gave praise to the previous presenter and mentioned how he had just taken 3 pages of notes. Amazing to see and hear

Not sure if Al Vermeil’s PPT Presentation has been posted here or not so here it is:

Ireland-Conference-Juniors-7-09.ppt - CORE Health & Fitness to find it.

Here is the link straight to it the PPT.

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