Advice on Strongman Training

Hey Everyone,

This summer Ill have time on my hands since school will be out I was hoping to try to do some poor man’s strongman stuff. I dont plan on competing for a while because I need to get my strength and conditioning up, so for now its for fun and preparation. How do you incorporate events into your routine? Do you lift for 4 weeks and then do a week or day of events?

I dont have stones and stuff but heres what I came up with:

Car pushing/Car pulling for a certain in distance and timed
Farmer’s walk with barbells
Progressive squat (squat for 8 reps and increasing the weight with each rep)
Tire flip (this is tentative since I have to go find a 200-300lb tire, I know the actual competiton ones are heavier but Im starting out).
Overhead press for reps

Im not sure what else to do, I have a wheel barrow and some heavier db’s but Im not sure if Ill need. Do you have any ideas as to how to do events without having stones and stuff? Or should I just keep lifting and not worry about events?

Right now Im just trying to get stronger. My lifts are as follows: Full Squat 330, Bench: 265, Dead: 365, Power squat: 405, Overhead Press: 180, Clean & Jerk: 225, Snatch: 155.

As far as my routine goes, its a mix of power and olympic lifting use the conjugate method, so generally looks like this but keep in mind that nothing is set in stone and I go by feel:

Mon-max effort lowerbody day

  1. ME movement (box squat variations, GM variations, deadlift variations, etc sometimes using techniques such as isos)
  1. Hamstring/posterior chain movement (front squat, RDLs, pullthroughs, lunges, stepups, etc)
  2. Back Ext
  3. Ab work
  1. Grip work

wed-max upperbody day

  1. Overhead Pressing or Incline Pressing movement
  2. Overhead shoulder work
  3. Lat work, usu chins
  4. Tri Work

friday-speed lowbody day

  1. snatches 3-5 sets 1 rep, 70-75%
    2.cleans 3-5 sets 1 rep, 70-75% squat at parallell 3-5 sets at 60-70%
    4.Hams as on Mon but more volume
    5.abds and low back as on monday but less intense
  2. Grip Work

sunday-speed upperbody day

1.jerks 10x2x60-70%
2.Shoulder work as on Wed but less intense
3.Row and rear delt work
4.Tri Work

Im open to hearing any advice as to how to improve my lifting workout as well. Thanks in advance for your responses

you might check out the forums at
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I would contact Art McDermott at 978-474-0144. Talk to a strongman on strongman training, and art is strong.