Advice for balancing school and track workouts/lifting workouts?

Going to have a tough year this year…

Math, english, antropology, biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, law. 4 courses per semester. all university level.

Then 3x per week I have days where I do track workouts (GPP, later on SPP) which last 60-90 mins, usually around 70-75. Then 90 min gym workout, sometimes more or less. which are either lower body or full body workouts.

Two of those days are fridays/sundays (so weekend in the way), other day is the wednesday.

On tuesdays and sometimes thursdays I do only upper body lifting.
Question is… any tips/advice for balancing a hard workout program with lots of studying? Go to school at 8 30 am till 2 30 pm, not home from 8 am - 3 pm. Go to bed around 11:30…

School is priority, so obviously you’ll need to balance everything else around that. For one, I would limit your time in the gym to 35-45 minutes. No need to be in there for 90 minutes. 3-4 lifts on your full body days. Keep it simple- think training economy. If you’re lifting right after your track sessions, this should help as you’re already warm and you can get in and out of the weight room.

Like most things in life, eliminate the junk. 6hrs of school, 3hrs of track…shouldn’t be a huge deal until you throw in that 3hrs+ of leisure internet surfing or tv watching.

I think the extra leisure time is going to be the thing thats hardest to manage.

How much studying do you need to do, really?

Most people who spend massive amounts of time studying tend to be unproductive during the studying (ie watching tv, internet surfing, texting, spacing out, etc.). I never understood that whole thing if you are well outside of a time during exams/finals and even then…

When I was 18, I had to leave for school at 7.45, and didnt get home from school until 5pm. I then trained every day except Saturdays for 2 hours. I also had to add in my homework on top of this.

I got A A B at a-level, and ran sub 10.25 that year.

My tip echoes everyone elses - be efficient. For me, I decided I needed got a levels to go to the university I wanted, but I also wanted to win the big competition I had. So with school work, I would be efficient. As fogelson mentioned, people would work for much longer than I did, and yet get less work completed. Also, any free periods I had at school, and my lunch hour, was spent doing as much homework as I could get done.

If you organise yourself, and put your mind to it, you will have no problems!

You ran under 10.25 at 18? Wow.

I did. Unfortunately Im not much faster now!

I also was under the same circumstances as speedfreak, school from 7:45 until 4:30, not at home until 5:30, then training late at night from 7pm until 10 +/-. It’s completely doable. Now I am training while working from 6am until 3pm and sometimes until 5pm, at the beginning I found it very hard to keep volume and was forced to drop it to just two hi- sprinting days a week but after some weeks I got used to it and was able to bounce back.