Advice and Guidance Needed

Ok I decided that I needed to post and ask for some help. Im a junior in high school and I have been on varsity for 2 years now but Im not trying to play d3. I have been dedicated at training for basketball and strength training to get my self at the D1 level.

My stats right now are:
height: 6’4 without shoes
weight: 175-180
bench: 175 one rep max
squat: 195 one rep max
standing vertical jump: 24 inches
training background- plyos, weights, sprints, medicine ball work

Now Im going to be honest, those numbers suck and I have had to work my ass off to get to there. But Im looking for the guidance of this forum now even though Im into training and the knowledge of it.

If someone could honestly read this post and help guide me I would be thankful.

What sort of strength training are you currently doing? And how often are you doing basketball related training?

im in season right now, but i just got back from a stress fracture 2 weeks ago. I really havent got a chance to lift in the past 2 weeks.

but i got so much stuff running through my head that I really want to say like GPP, volume of weights, strength day then a reactive day and much more but i dont know how I want to express it.

Goals I want to achieve as soon as possible:
standing vert 24 to 28
weight 175-180 to about 7-10 more pounds of muscle
better explosion and power mainly for vert

MikE5, here are my thoughts and I urge you to seriously consider them:

The advanced methods racing through your mind are much more optimally left for use in the future.

Based upon your illustrated numbers it is absolutely fundamental for you to develop your maximum strength. However, at your current level of bodycomposition, this will be very difficult to achieve without first putting on muscle mass.

I urge you to prioritze the sub-maximal effort/modified repetition method of training, in which you would perform various compound lifts with sub-maximal weights for medium number of repetitions, not going to complete concentric failure.

Based upon what you have illustrated, I wouldn’t recommend that you go any heavier than 5RM, possibly 3RM depending on your level of inter/intramuscular coordination.

Focus on the following:
squats (full, half, box, etc)
DL’s (conv, sumo, RDL, SLDL, Snatch Grip, etc)
Back extensions
Presses (bench, incline, overhead)
Rows (bent over, DB, cable, face pull)
Shrugs (snatch grip, clean grip, power, etc)
Pull Ups/Chins
All kinds of core work

I also urge you to cease performing any high intensity plyos, especially if you are currently playing ball. At the workshop, Charlie illustrated the mistake that many (basketball, volleyball, etc) athletes make by performing plyos and incurring injuries. You must realize that your sport incorporates a very high volume of jumping, thus, any additional inclusion of high intensity jump drills is likely to cause injury, especially in an athlete with a relatively under developed level of physical preparedness such as yourself.

Don’t make the mistake that many other young athletes make by trying to incorporate all the advanced methods of training discussed on the internet into their own training.

I encourage you to review my latest article which is currently posted on so that you may gain better insight into what I am trying to convey.

Also, you may add in some isometric exercises to strengthen and stabilize your muscles so that you can be prepared for higher intensity training later on.

James good post as usual.

Mike also make sure when following what James said that you are eating alot (calorie wise) and getting lots of protein meaning at least 1 gram for every pound that you weight. If not you will not grow, not get stronger and you will be pretty much getting weaker and wasting your time.
Check some of the posts under nutrition to learn more about it.

Don’t forget about the carbohydrates in your diet as well. 8-10g/kg of bodyweight is the ideal range to add some size onto your frame. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc…

Also you might wanna check out Regenerationlab’s High octane fueling articles, they contain great information about what and when you should include in your diet.

Reading the articles will take a lot of time, but it will be worth it.

Since your most likely on a holiday, it might not hurt anything if you would read every article. :slight_smile:

YES! great post. There are FAR too many basketball and volleyball player with stress fractures and bad ankles and knees resulting from incorparating too many plyos! Get stronger and your vert will go up.

The only other thing I think you could add is to stretch.

Thanx so much James and everyone else

A few questions though:

  1. Do I need to follow a stretching program each day? ( how long and what type ex PNF or static)

  2. I keep hearing stuff about auto reg training should I stay away from that?

  3. Is isometrics where you hold something like wall sits or are they like pistol squats and should i encorporate pistols into my training.

4.Final ? do I need to be strict and watch out for volume and periodization. Also I have found alot of success for vertical jump sprinting up hills and oly lifts esp cleans.

Alright thats about it I hope that I dont sound like a duesch but Im so passionate about my training and basketball.


  1. AREG training is merely a method where you train until you have a drop-off(fatigue) in performance. This drop-off is calculated by your reps or time.

  2. Isometric is where you hold a weight or bodyweight at CJC or PAP. And if you are working for speed and vert, iso isnt something that will help you on that. But it is essential to build a good foundation of strenght and power before moving on to a more difficult task so that you do not get injured easily.

can anyone else answer my ?'s in the last post


  1. To ensure that you dont pull muscle when you’re lifting or running. Proper warm up should be taken into consideration. So lets say you’re benching heavy, then you would warm up with a light bench press. Dynamic stretching should be used before workout and static stretches post workout.

  2. Control you volume as time pass. Do only what you need. Sprinting uphill does help on increasing vert and power cleans works on your explosive power.

any other suggestions?