Adding SE runs to speed workouts?

Lets’ say I’m doing 200-300m of maximal speedwork and getting along fine. Would it be OK to add a few speed endurance runs to the end of the workout (i.e. 3 x 100m)?

If it’s a muscle fatigue problem, you could add something shorter. If it’s a CNS issue, you could ad something longer, like a smooth 300m (like John Smith often does).

yes its fine just dont overdo it… i wouldnt add more than 1 rep. i sometimes add 1x150…

So you think 3 x 100m is too much? Is this a CNS issue or a muscular fatigue issue… cuz I don’t think I fatigue my CNS much doing SE. I’m not that fast to begin with, and i can’t hold a 100% sprint for SE distances anyway, so…

more of a muscle fatigue issue
how about 1x150?
or a flying 100?

I wouldn’t think that muscle fatigue would be the end of the world if added to the end of a workout. Is it necessary to have fresh muscles for longer SE work (i.e. 100-150m)? I could see why you wouldn’t do 60’s