adapting outdoor/indoor concurrent schedule

If you have an athlete training for 100 m races within 1 month, and later having a 1 month indoor season before the usual outdoor one, would you still employ split 60s for SE?

Not sure I understand what you mean by split 60s. Can you clarify?

like 3 x4 x 60m, 2 minutes rest btwn reps, 6-7 btwn sets…you can find them on van dvd…(stil waiting for them), and are a staple for italian sprinters

I would have planned backwards from the competition date to make sure I had long enough to be ready.

If it was for the commonwealth games for example. I would probably do 2 shorter SPPs with a 2 week gap and plan this around a 2 week block of 60m indoor races. So SPP1 going into 2 weeks of indoor racing and then 1 week off and into SPP2 - longer focus but probablys still short to long - though perhaps a concurrent programme going long to short at the same time.


I’d agree, however in this example commonwealth games are on march, but on january there are national trials…, so short spp fits in, altough mxs has to be on the short side…