acute hamstring pain, what to do?

Hi all,

Yesterday during my training I did some 200 meters.
the last one during the acc phase i felt a pain in my hamstring. Like a cramp.
so i did ICE yesterday

today i feel like there might be a tear or something.(i am consulting the fysio alter today)
there is pain in one spot. during walking i feel pain and when i push on the spot it also hurts.
i am not getting happy about this, but what can do?
Do any of you have alternative programmes?
because i think running is out of the quesion for the next 6-10 days.
Is cycling an idea, swimming pool, agua jog?

all help is greatly appreciated.


RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) until you see your therapist.

Consult him/ her as to the best course of action. Good Luck.

Haha, same thing happened to me. Ended up I pulled my hamstring. Definately see a trainer or someone to start a rehab program. Light stretching might be good too.

hoe long were you out?

  • just seen the fysio,
    he said to rest, try not to do anything the next 2/3 days and then start walking.
    if after about 4/5 days the pain is gone than i was lucky. if the pain is still there after 10 days… i had to worry about the rest of the season.
    Man i hate it… i was going great up till now.

Were you able to finish your last 200m? If so, I would still take the rest of the week of in terms of track and wts (for the lower body) and get deep-friction physio or art immedietely. You should be able to resume your normal track sessions within one week.

If you were not able to complete the last 200, then chances are that it is a hamstring tear/pull and you will be out for at least 1 month.

P.S. Just curious, for your wt. program were you doing any GHG’s or GHR’s? Glute ham raises?

i was not able to finish, i could jog al little though.

i think recovery will take several weeks, so if there’s any ideas on alternative workouts please help me out.

my weigt prog. included stiff leg deadlifts, reverse legpress for the hams.
step up’s wth weights, squats.

btw… nice excersice, i’ll try it sometime.

its been 72 hours now:
36 hours rest,then started mild stretching.
60 - hours i could walk normally, now i can dribble, small jumps etc.
trying some excentric stuff later this evening.
man i am lucky

I’ll say, very lucky. If your already walking now with no pain then you’ve avoided hell!

P.S. I think CF has some protocols for reintegration onto the track after a hamstring injury. I believe it is the 2002 Forum Review.