Active rest in between seasons....running suggestions?

I have just finished a long, 18 months of training and competing as a 100/200m runner, and now am planning a 8-ish weeks break from structured training. I am planning to step up to 200/400m. I’m planning for the next 8 weeks to complete body weight gym circuits 2-3 times a week. What kind to active rest running could I do for the 8 weeks? I am a 10.7/21.7 runner.

Swimming, rock climbing, walking, cycling, olympic lifting, powerlifting, any team sport you enjoy. The list is endless. So long as you are keeping some level of general fitness, staying off the track and enjoying yourself it doesn’t really matter. Whatch your flexability as well…

Yeah I’d not think about running for half that break.

Are you having a break from any training?

My structure for between season breaks, remember I’m a hammer thrower, would be 2-3 weeks off with only some walking. After that I would introduce yoga, bike riding etc… for 3 weeks and the last 2 weeks I would develop more structure into the training but I wouldn’t run or throw.