Active isolated stretching?

Anyone ever heard of this type of stretching

the guy who invented it (aaron Mattes) is from my city. He has a office down the street from my job. I guess i will be checking it out.

There is a famous phsio in ireland who treated paula radclife he has a website (his name is gerard hartman) it was claimed on his site that MJ used this method to complement his warmup…

I did try it for a time but I got bored it takes about an hour and if you do it as a warm up it just doesnt feel enough!

I purchased Mattes’ books a couple months ago after a previous dialog on AIS and other stretching methods, and I have to say I really like AIS. I can usually feel a difference in ROM and muscle tension after performing AIS, more so than with other methods and with less discomfort. It’s only one tool, but it’s a good one.

P.S. Buy the blue book if you’re interested. Everything in the red book is included in the blue one, plus additional info.

Exactly, Flash