Lately my achilles tendons have been hurting. I am wondering if they hurt since I gained like 10 pounds but didn’t do any running or jumping for a while. They only hurt when I ran or jumped. The pain isn’t that bad really. But when I played baseball two weeks ago my right one was killing. Is it because of lack of strength? Should I do calf raises or something?

Have you been running at all lately or doing any type of physical activity? Normally after a long layoff your tendons are not able to handle as much stress as they used to, and it doesnt help that you’ve gained weight. If you want to continue training you should build up the volume/intensity gradually to allow your connective tissue to get stronger to deal with the increased loads of stress. As far as treating the achilles, you might try one footed body weight calf raises. They dont put too much stress on you and they allow you to strengthen them rather rapidly. Also, you might try cold water or hot water, I’m not sure about those though. Experiment till you find what alleviates the pain the most.

ive had the same problem…

-lower your volume for a week
-(as mister c said) eccentric calf raises coulda help it
-remember to ice ice ice and ultrasound if possible (also self massage could help)

if you are having troubles with your achilles go into detail about what you have or are doing in maybe increase in load leading to tight calfs which in turn puts unnecessary pressure on the achilles.have you changed shoes,what your alignment like,you may need orthodics and so on. the #1 rule is not to ignore the complaint doing so can ruin a sensable and ease back rather than paying for it big-time

Do you have any pain in your feet (the bottoms)? Are your arches, achilles, or plantar fascia sore when you get up in the morning? When you begin doing something active at what point do you experience pain and does it go away? Do you supinate or pronate when you walk? Do you have significant arches or flat feet?

I had the same thing last season when went I added a weekly plyos session to my routine. Resting will help until you try to train at the same intensity again and the problem comes back.
I needed to find the treat the root cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms.
I thought that the problem would probably be either my foot, calf, hammy, glutes, hip or lower back.
I realised how much it would cost to find out and thought ‘stuff that!!’ and I started doing negative calf raises with my knee slightly bent with as much weight as I could so that I could only do about 8 negative reps.
The weights kept going up as my achilles got stronger, the pain went away within a few weeks and I am very happy I didn’t listen to everybody who says you need to rest, ice, NSAI’s, ease back into training and hope that the problem doesn’t come back.

My advice on achilles - listen to X-man

I tried doing bodyweight calf raises and it felt fine. But I didn’t use a full range of motion. But this morning I woke up and my right one is hurting. Is that because it is still damage or because of the calf raises?

qwert,try to get full range of motion while doing the heal drops.i know its hard to do at first as your brain has pain thresholds but you got to get over the fear.begin with the full range and when comfortable increase the drop speed as you gain in confidence.

waking up sore i’m afraid to say is the norm for the moment.just remember to ice the achilles totally after every session to reduce more than likely have micro tares which will have to be threated by a therapist to speed up the healing process.

what ever you do-do not sprint yet.see a therapist get a professional opinion and get the healing ball rolling!