Achilles problems

I’m a 39 year old ex 10.7/21.8 sprinter. I ruptured my left achilles in 98, had an operation to tie it back together and then took up WTF Taekwondo to stop myself going mad from losing my sprinting - and as a re-hab. Got my black belt last year and I compete - speed is such a good transferrable skill!
I still train lightly on the track - have run nothing better than 11.6, but I am keeping to this level and turn 40 next year, so I am thinking about competing as a vet. I really feel that with a decent winter I could get to 11.4.
The problem is now my right achilles. I seem to have a constant issue of a tight lower back which I think is overloading the right achilles, so it always feels sore or has no power. I am going through physio now and have been told it is a very old issue and will take some time to work out.
My track work is going miserably as a result and I am wondering if I should just stop altogether for a while. I can handle tempo work, but feel this tightens my lower back, while I just can’t get into sprint position to handle speed work. It just feels so uncomfortable - no support from the right achilles and my lower back feels locked.
Has anyone else had a similar problem, or could anyone give me some advice?

I tore mine in 2002. There is a half inch diff between my calves but, since I started doing sprint drills and ins and outs the power is coming back and the soreness has stopped. Doing track work will build up your calves but I’m not sure if they will build up evenly. Talk to your physio about building up the right one and look into electric stim for the right one and both feet (Im going to try this out and see how it goes). As far as training goes I’ve been alternating hill work (short steep and fast) with ins and outs (20m fast 20m Stride 20m fast) and med ball runs (holding a 4kg ball throw and srpint all in one motion to 20m). On the days I do this type of work i lift too. Ive been seeing decent results as far as my speed getting better and not to mention my gut has come down :slight_smile: The back locking up might be due to your core being weak. Do tons of ab work and lower back stuff. I had the same issue but since I started doing core work I hardly ever feel the tightness. I also feel more solid when sprinting (i used to feel like my body was going to break apart) atfer doing core work for the last month or so. Take things slow dont try and be the sprinter you once were in one season. I HIGHLY recommend you get some of Charlies e-books and maybe the GPP DVD. We old dudes (Im 33yrs old)need to be smart about training and keep the egos in check!

Hope that helps

With my achilles injury, I had to add deep water running w/o’s to give my achilles a break while still working through the motion. Also helped when I ripped my calf nearly in half. I have heard good & bad comments on it (pool work)but I feel the pool helped me from losing too much during rehab. The hardest part for the old injuries is being patient. Not one of my virtues.

I think I posted previously on the benefits of using eccentric work to improve achilles tendonitis.

X-man also posted some good info previously also - so have a look for it

Cross friction and icing are crucial.

Maybe if you check the archives (search for eccentrics, heel drops, cross fricton etc.) you’ll come across some stuff.

There has been studies done to prove it’s effectiveness.

(The Snac physio-cream may also help as part of a long term plan)

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

Heel drops / extreme incline treadmill walks / hill runs / ice all helped me but my achilles probs prolly arn’t as extreme just nagging.

Eliminating jogging from ur warm up can help too - I also found limiting track work to speed helped and keeping temo for circuits / pool / gym etc
Good luck

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Try using the Egoscue method (Books are available) to realign yourself, this may help