Hi guys, just wondering what your views are on accupuncture as a regenerative therapy? I’ve read a couple of postings on this topic on the old forum, but it doesn’t seem to be addressed specifically. ie would you guys recommend it as a supplementary therapy (to massage, ems etc.) , or more importantly can it be utilised as an effective pre-race practise to help increase ROM and boost CNS???
Any thoughts or experiences???

I think accupunture is good. Could we get a list of therapists who are skilled at it !?

I think Mike Prebeg at York University, Toronto is very good at it. He works closely with Mark Scapatecchi in Toronto. They are both top notch ART guys as well as very knowledgeable in many other rehab modalities. I beleive they work pretty closely with the Maple Leafs. Hope it is of some help.

Thanks for the replies guys. Though i’m based in Ireland so accessing a practise in Toronto mighn’t be my best option!! I think what I was hoping to get was maybe an idea of the physical benefits of accupuncture in the run up to competitions or post-training-does it aid the recovery process?? How does it do this? Anybody have an insight?


personally i had some acupucture done in 99 on a bi-weekly basis and i really dug it. i was getting it specifically for a hamstring issue i was having that massage or art couldnt seem to get at. its a pretty cool experience and i found it very relaxing.

it had a nice calming effect on my CNS, and cleared up my hammy problem in a few sessions. my old training partner use to goto the same therapist every week during the triathlon season and he swore that it did wonders for his recovery between races.

thanks for that nightmare. Like yourself i’ve had some hamstring problems in recent times so i think i’ll give it a shot.