accumulation phase before GPP

Hey guys,

Just wondering what you feel is a good sample micro and length of time for an accumulation phase before starting a full out GPP?

I am getting ready to start running outside again (weather is improving considerably thank goodness)

My GPP will look like the following:

sa - Max Speed/weights1
su - REST
mo - weight2/core
tu - Power or Hills
we - Weights1/core
th - REST
fr - REST

It is an odd looking GPP but given my time constraints it’s the best I can come up with.

For an intro back into running how does the following look for a ~3 week accumulation phase?

sa - short steep hills/weights1 (Also includes strength end work like running As etc)
su - REST
mo - Weighted and BW Circuits/core
tu - Long Hills (~350 meters)
we - Weights1/core
th - REST
fr - REST

Looking at 100/200/400 but focusing more on the 200/400 side.

Strength and particularly strength endurance have been improving nicely over the winter

Target times are 23.XX in the 200 and 53.XX in the 400.


Chris30, I think you need to run more if you want to compete in the 200/400. How far off do you plan to compete?

Probably early june timeframe. I’ll also be doing extensive tempo on grass twice a week (Just dont have it listed)

Around 1600-2000 meters of tempo per session.

Any suggestions welcome. I can only handle 2 high intensity sessions a week

I have been giving this more thought.

How does this look as an progression into GPP for three weeks (GPP will be a total of about 8 weeks)

sa - Max Speed/weights1
4 x 30s
4 x flying 20s
3 sets lungewalk (dumbells)
3 sets SLDLs

su - tempo
2(10 x 100) on grass

mo - circuits/core
3 x (dips, situps, chins)
2 minutes rest
3 x (pushups, hanging leg raises, floppy fish)
2 minutes rest
3 x (burpees, med ball throws, running arms)

tu - Power or Hills
10 x 200 (30 seconds per rep, 3 minutes rest)
(each week drop 1 rep and go 1 second faster keeping 2 minutes rest till 6 x 200 in 26 is possible)

we - Weights1/core
3 sets stepups
3 sets deadlifts
3 sets bench
3 set chins

th - tempo
10 x 100m

fr - REST

Not sure about the longer component yet. I may have to alternate repeat 300s or long hills with the power work